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Harley Reagan – Spiritual Role of Animals Throughout the Ages


Most people around the world are unaware that animals have been man’s spiritual companion since the dawn of human civilization. In fact, research shows that in most cultures, these living beings would perform of variety of special functions in religious ceremonies. The followers of such faiths would regard them as guardians of the spirit world, associate them as being agents of various divine beings, link them with numerous supernatural forces. Some people even consider them to be images of dead souls during their journey to the afterlife.

Harley Reagan – The special role animals play in the spiritual world

The Deer Tribe Metis Medicine Society is a spiritual group in America whose members endeavor to eradicate racism, conflict, ignorance, disease, ignorance, superstition and bigotry from this world. This is to ensure future generations inherit a beautiful planet which is free from such social evils. They follow the teachings of the Wheels and Keys of the Sweet Medicine SunDance (SMSD) Path of Turtle Island, first reintroduce by the group’s founder, Harley Reagan in 1986. They conduct numerous workshops, ceremonies and classes where they give lectures to those people seek spiritual healing, personal development, physical mastery and knowledge of the divine.

The members of this spiritual group point out the relationship human beings have with various species of animals is not a contemporary phenomenon. People who live in close proximity with such creatures understand the joy they provide to their owners and wonder of God’s creation on this planet. They go on to explain the spiritual significance and integral role of 3 important animals play in the religious belief of its followers:

  1. Cows

According Hindu faith, cows symbolizes life on this planet and food that sustain it. According the scared scripture of this religion, people following this faith should treat this animal in the same manner and respect as a normal person would treat his/her mother. This is the reason why people who practice this religion consider it as blasphemy to eat the meat of this animal. They say cows provide human being with mike as a form of nutrition and dung as fuel.

  1. Sheep

In various parts of the Middle East and areas near the Mediterranean Sea, sheep play a significant role for people practicing the Islamic, Jewish and Christian faiths. Such followers sacrifice a lamb in important festivals such as Passover or Eid. However, people living in the region of Madagascar usually abstain from eating the meat of this animal as they consider it to be the incarnation of souls of their ancestors.

  1. Elephant

People living in Thailand regard elephants to be symbols of power and non-violence. In ancient times, they would play in integral role in conflicts and as domesticated animals in reconstruction. They say a white elephant contains the soul of a dead person. If an individual ever came across one, he/she should gift it to his/her king for safekeeping.

According to the ardent followers of Harley Reagan, human beings and animals share a special spiritual relation since time immemorial. The above 3 examples prove this point without any doubt. This is reason why people should go out of their way to treat such creatures with love and respect.