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Meredith Iler- Saluting Wounded Soldiers Injured in The War Against Terrorism!


The war in Iraq and Afghanistan has claimed the lives of several soldiers that have died fighting against terrorism. They have sacrificed their lives for the sake of their nation and will be forever remembered by their loved ones and nations. However, there are some soldiers that not only fight but they take severe injuries and are exposed to explosions and other threats that take away a limb and make them crippled forever. Though they lose a limb or are severely injured they never break in spirit. They have severe determination to fight against terrorism and ensure that the war ends. They encourage their peers and counterparts I battle and inspire them with their accounts of bravery and courage. These are true heroes of the nation and they deserve to be treated with respect and honored for the deep sacrifice they personally make to keep their nation and fellow human beings safe.

Meredith Iler- helping wounded soldiers with adapted homes

Meredith Iler spearheads The Helping A Hero Campaign in Houston Texas in the USA. This is a multi-million fundraising campaign where these injured war heroes are awarded with homes that are specially adapted to suit their needs. These homes have been built with developers, builders, members of the community and war veterans so that these heroes may return back and reintegrate into society. It is hard for a soldier to come back to civilian life with severe wounds and injuries. However, this campaign honors these heroes with a home that is specially built for them and their families. These homes have modern facilities so that the soldier can be mobile and live in comfort with his or her loved one. The campaign Helping A Hero began in 2006 and since then over 100 homes have been awarded to these veteran soldiers from all walks of life.

Honoring men and women that have made the ultimate sacrifice

Every year people in the USA recall the horrors of the September 11th attack in 2001. She says that as a community and fellow human beings, it is important for you to pause for a while and reflect the horrors of this Global War of Terror. She says that several people lost their lives in just a single day on September 11th 2009 in just one terrorist act where the twin towers when the twin towers were hit.  She says that the costs of war are too high in the Global War on Terror!

The price tag of this loss cannot be measured in dollars and money. The loss is measured in the loss of valuable human lives and the brave soldiers that fight in this battle to safeguard innocent people. Meredith Iler adds that these injured and wounded soldiers are nothing less and they are unsung heroes that deserve to be saluted and respected. Awarding them a home specially adapted to their means might be small however it does go a long way to say these heroes are precious to society and will always be remembered with respect and honor!