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The Beliefs of Yogiraj Gurunath Siddhant in the wonders of Yoga


Yoga has been present in India from the past 2500 years and is a science that is an amalgamation of various disciplines, related to the body and the mind. It is helpful in bringing about the overall health of an individual when done on a regular basis. Yogiraj Gurunath Siddhant is a Himalayan Master of the Nath lineage who knows the intricate values and benefits of Yoga and Meditation involved in the process.

He claims that through the practice of Yoga in the right way one can attain a state of enlightenment, wherein he can leave behind a life based on false ego and live in the bliss of true understanding of things. He transcends the modern traditions of teaching about life and is a powerful embodiment of ancient Indian spiritual wisdom. He is the Master of Kundalini Kriya Yoga, and has through his efforts tried to plant the seed of consciousness within the heart of common man; he calls everyone to follow the principle of “Earth Peace through Self Peace”.

Yogiraj Gurunath Siddhant has over years shared his ‘peaceful-bliss’ consciousness all over the world, healing and transforming the lives of millions. He has brought forth the Seven Yogic Techniques which he, himself developed for the purpose of spiritual evolution and healing. These are taught at the New Life Awakening Retreats of the Yogi.

The first technique of these yogic techniques is the Shakti Healing, in which S.H.A.K.T.I. means Siddhant Healing and Kundalini Transmission In-depth. This is a journey into the inner self to awakening Kundalini Energy and cleansing the chakras. Through this, one is able to completely transform oneself and connect to the ultimate healing source. There is also the inclusion of hands-on techniques for chakra surgery and various kinds of mantras associated with this.

The simplest technique is perhaps the White Swan, which Yogiraj himself developed, within which one achieves a natural state of enlightenment through meditation of natural breathing. In this the breathing is brought in unison with the mind and a complete state of bliss and tranquility is achieved.

The next technique is a miraculous one which reverses the aging process and is known as the Ojasviya Meditation.  This is a dynamic process of Kayakalpa in which the vital fluid in the body is transformed and the sexual energies are converted into spiritual energies. This is greatly helpful in expelling diseases, decays and even death in some cases.

The Advanced Omkar Meditation forms the next technique; following this is the Earth Peace Meditations and a very important one that is the Hamsa Asanas.  The Hamsa Asanas is the yoga of various postures in which each posture is corresponded with what is known as the Hamsa breath. These yogas are instrumental in bringing about peace and ease within one’s mind and body thereby instilling a happier life, by rejuvenating the body’s vitality.

All these techniques are not tangent to the numerous faiths and religions, instead they are developed while keeping in mind and respecting every kind of faith present on the Earth. In this way yoga of this sort also brings about secularism, harmony and brotherhood within the global society at large.