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Why you should choose a cold room instead of an ice house


Ice houses, which were used to store food at cold temperatures, were purpose-built brick buildings; however, with the advent of indoor refrigeration for the home, many ice houses fell into disrepair and disuse. The latest form of cold storage solution does not involve any construction; instead, it is now possible to get an indoor cold room for when you need substantial amounts of cold storage. Here we look at the advantages of these and the importance of storing food correctly to avoid illness.

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According to the NHS, there are some very basic rules to follow when it comes to storing food. Following these rules could mean that you are less likely to suffer from food poisoning. Although ice houses used to keep produce at cold temperatures, things have moved on. From a food safety point of view, cold rooms are much more hygienic.

Advantages of cold rooms

Ice houses were egg-shaped structures made from bricks and filled with snow and ice during winter, along with insulation such as straw or sawdust. This meant that food could be preserved for as long as a year. While this worked well at the time, in today’s modern age most people have fridges and freezers in their homes. If you are a catering business, using a cold room means that you can have a much larger space for cold storage. These can even be integrated into your premises, creating a large walk-in cold space for keeping food fresh and safe.

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Safe food storage

One of the most important things about safe food storage is ensuring that the temperature of your cold storage unit is correct. The optimum temperature is 5°C or below. It is also important to ensure that meat is stored correctly, with raw meat products kept on low shelves whilst cooked products are kept higher up. The use of cold storage rooms, which are available from suppliers such as, should make safe storage easier, as there is more space to store food and a greater chance of keeping it safe.

If you are in the catering business and need somewhere to store all your food that needs to be refrigerated, the best option for the 21st century is a cold room rather than an ice house.