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Peter Max- What is The Best Type of Paint for Murals?


Mural painting is very popular and there are several artists that work on interior and exterior mural paintings daily across the world. If you are a new artist, you may have the obvious question as to what type of paint is best used for murals?

Peter Max – the best paint for murals

Noted artist in the USA, Peter Max is known for painting murals on current events. He says that as an artist, you can use acrylics that work fine for mural paintings. However, if you are new to the art of mural painting, be careful when you use matte finish paints as they will dry quicker.

Apply clear coats of primer on the wall

Apply a clear coat first as this improves clarity and helps the paint on the wall to stay longer. He says that it is important for you to prepare the wall for the mural first and if it has oil painting on it, apply a coat of primer on it. This helps you to allow the paint to stick to the wall easily. The surface of the wall becomes smooth and dries evenly.

Create the idea first and choose the color

He says that when you have decided to paint murals, think of the idea and create the sketch of the idea you have in mind. This will give you an insight into what your completed mural will look like once done. You should choose and select the colors for the mural and keep some of them mixed.

Tips to keep in mind for outdoor and indoor mural paintings

If you are going in for outdoor mural painting, choose a good day. The weather should be perfect. If the weather is too hot, your painting will dry too fast. When you are painting wall murals, keep materials on the floor so that accidents and drips of paint are avoided. This will also help you prevent spills of paint that can ruin your work.

Indoor mural paintings

He adds that if you are working with very large exteriors for your mural painting, opt for latex exterior paints. He suggests that when you are working with a large surface area, it is prudent to keep the paints limited. In the case of interior or house murals, you can buy house paints like regular acrylic color palettes. The amount of paint you need for completing the mural will depend upon case to case. However, in case you are not sure, you can always take the help of senior artists to guide you.

Peter Max started to paint as a child and as he grew up he started to paint on current events using murals or postage stamps. He likes to use mixed media for his art and he is known to have created some award -winning album covers and book jackets in the USA as well. He is highly respected and loved by his peers and he make a sincere attempt to make all his artwork appealing so that they connect well with his audience!