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Should I Choose a Light or Dark Floor?


When choosing the perfect hardwood floor, the first big decision you’ll probably make is whether you would prefer light or dark. Below are some things to keep in mind when choosing the most suitable floor for your home:

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•       Your own personal preference
•       The décor of your home
•       How busy your home is
•       How much you are willing to spend
•       Size of rooms and/or home
•       The style and colouring of furniture

 You may also wish to consider:

1) Which Is Easier to Keep Clean?

With regards to cleaning, light wooden floors have the edge, since the contrast between the surface and what’s underneath is more apparent with darker hardwoods, Click here for more information on how to clean and maintain floors.

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2) Which Shows Scratches More?

Again, light wooden floors have the advantage over dark hardwood, since scratches on the latter are more apparent. This is probably because the contrast between the dark stained finish on the surface and the wood beneath is more noticeable when a scratch is made.

3) What’s in Style?

Dark floors have become a popular choice in recent years. However, if you prefer lighter tones, do not discount these. An engineered flooring company such as provides lots of trendy choices.

4) Do Dark Floors Make a Room Smaller?

Dark floors do make rooms appear smaller in contrast to light flooring. However, this isn’t always a negative thing, especially in bigger rooms and homes or those with an open-plan layout.