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A ‘revolution’ in home shelving


Shelving has been revolutionised, according to gift and housewares firm Design Ideas. The company has unveiled a new MeshWorks shelving system that it says perfectly combines the flat surface of wood or solid metal with the dust-free appeal of wire shelving.

The system is based on expanded metal mesh that was first introduced to the domestic market in America by Design Ideas in 1986. Design Ideas’ president, Andy Van Meter, said that MeshWorks shelving offers the stability of a solid surface while still allowing air to circulate to prevent dust and preventing objects from falling through the wire.

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An alternative idea

Many people will never be tempted to veer away from traditional forms of industrial shelving in Ireland, England, America and around the world, but Design Ideas believes that the future lies in their expanded metal mesh, which apparently offers a combination of functionality, strength and style that cannot be emulated by other industrial wire units.

The company clearly believes that in the future, companies such as will be stocking this type of shelving because of its ability to allow air circulation whilst preventing smaller objects from falling through wire or tipping over. Design Ideas also thinks that buyers will be won over by the lightweight appeal of the new shelving unit, which is achieved as one foot of steel is converted into three feet of mesh thanks to the expanding process used on the metal.

Strong and versatile

Each of the new shelves can still carry up to 600 pounds, which means that they can be used for a variety of purposes ranging from holding small kitchen appliances to housing heaving sacks or gardening supplies. Design Ideas also plans to offer its MeshWorks shelving systems in a variety of colours to allow them to coordinate in both domestic and commercial settings.

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The units will be available in standard grey, white and black, as well as in yellow, light blue, green, cobalt blue, pink and ultraviolet. To find out more about what sort of insight a specific colour choice could offer about a personality, see

MeshWorks Shelving will be offered with a range of optional accessories to enable individuals and businesses to customise configurations. These can be used to create everything from coffee tables and media stands to office desks, industrial storage and closets.