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How to care for your kitchen knives


Most top chefs will tell you that assembling a great set of knives and looking after them is one of the most important parts of the job. These tips will help you care for your knives just like the world’s best chefs!

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Be cautious

This doesn’t just apply to being wary of sharp knives and respecting their power, it also applies to how you treat them. If you are careless and don’t take care of them, then they will not last and will need to be replaced more often: so be careful with your expensive knives.

Practice safe handling

There are several safe ways to handle knives and these should be practised, especially when in a kitchen with others. Never pass a knife blade first or walk around with it pointing upwards, and never leave it hidden under a cloth or towel, or under food. Leaving a knife in a sink is also a bad idea, as it may get covered, and someone may reach in and unwittingly grab it.

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Keep them clean

Just as with any catering equipment that you may purchase from suppliers such as, you need to keep your knives clean. There is nothing worse than build up on the edges, or having to scratch and scrub away food that has dried. Keeping knives clean should always be a priority, and were possible, keep them out of the dishwasher and clean them by hand.

Keep them sharp

It’s one thing keeping knives sharp, it’s another knowing how to sharpen them properly. This is a skill every good chef knows, as dull knives are difficult to use. You can either learn how to sharpen them yourself, or you can send them off to be professionally sharpened if preferred.

Cut on the right surface

Always cut on the correct surface to avoid dulling a knife and damaging it. Chopping boards or butchers blocks are the best options, and you should always avoid marble or other surfaces as they will scratch the blade too.

Store them properly

Knife rolls and knife blocks are both good ways to store knives, and if you want to ensure that your knives stay in good condition you’ll need to ensure that they are always packed away properly. After cleaning and drying them, they should be stored carefully.