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A Fun Day Won’t Be Stopped


It was a good thing that I had one last Soma pill in my medicine cabinet, or I wouldn’t have been able to play with my kids last week. My back was hurting a lot, and I had promised the kids that I would go swimming with them. I took the pill and it stopped the pain in its tracks, so we all hopped in the car and went to the local water park. The water park has a large swimming area, along with a big water slide that twists and turns. People love going there in the warm water, especially the kids. They bring their water toys and squirt guns with them.

While we were in the pools, my kids wanted me to give them a piggy back ride. They liked sitting on top of my shoulders because it made them feel like they were tall. They wanted to get on the giant slide and waited in the long like with all of the other people that came to the park. Sometimes it felt like the line wasn’t moving at all. I kept looking at my watch every minute, and although it seemed like we had been there for hours, only 10 minutes passed by the time we moved up a few inches. It took over an hour just to get to the slide, and the slide itself only lasted half a minute.

Although the ride down the slide was short itself, it was pretty fun. I liked going through all of the twists and turns, and so did my kids. I was screaming all the way down because of how fun it was. When I reached the bottom of the slide, I went feet first into the water and there was a big splash. The kids made it to the bottom before me.