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Tips on matching your floor to your décor


TInterior design can be a nightmare for many people thanks to the abundance of different colours and styles available. Decorating a home can feel overwhelming with so much choice and it is especially difficult to match the floor to the décor. Read on for some tips on how to create an elegant floor and decor combination when it comes to doors, walls, cupboards and your new Antique Fireplaces Ireland product.


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The colour palette

One important starting point is to determine your colour palette. A good rule of thumb is to use your primary colour for around 60% of your décor and your secondary colour for about 30%, leaving accent colours for the remaining 10%. Too many colours competing against each other doesn’t work, so try to keep it simple.

Colour tricks

If you have a bold colour as your main wall colour then you will want to opt for a softer carpet colour. Your floor should not compete with your wallpaper or paintwork. In contrast, if you have a bold floor design then your wallpaper should be plain. There are many tricks you can play with colour in order to make your room look bigger, such as having a dark floor and lighter walls.

Take a swatch

In order to be certain a floor choice looks good with the rest of your existing décor you need to take a swatch home. This means getting a small sample of the flooring, whether it is carpet or tile, and taking it into your room to hold against the fabrics already there. This way you can be sure it is a good match. Equally, if your flooring is already in place, you should get swatches of wallpaper to check it matches the flooring.


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Wood floors

Oak wood flooring is a great neutral choice and most wallpapers should match this flooring solution. Oak flooring can carry a large number of different types of décor, so this is a great option for pretty much any type of home and any style of décor. It would match beautifully to an Antique Fireplaces Ireland product from Wilsons Yard. They are both elegant, sophisticated and a great talking point. Wood floors are also hard wearing and warm to the touch so these always make a perfect choice for home décor in any room.

It is important to match your floors to the rest of your décor and vice versa. By taking swatches and paying attention to your chosen colour palette, it is possible to create a beautiful living space.