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Her Renewed Interest in Physics is Refreshing


My daughter had not been pleased with her physics teacher. While she did respect her, she just felt that the teacher was moving at a snail’s pace. She was concerned that by the time the school year was over, she would not be at the same level that students from other schools were at. I also shared this concern. Even though my daughter was getting the highest scores, the subject matter was so easy that it was a simple thing to achieve. I started looking at Singapore physics tutors because I wanted my daughter to not stress over whether or not she was learning enough.

I already knew the tutor that I wanted to use. He has a center not that far from us, and I had heard good things about him from some of my friends who have kids and had used him. I went to his website to see if there were any openings, and I was pleased to find that there was. I showed the site to my daughter, and she was excited even before getting enrolled in these classes. She saw the potential of not only the learning but the fun of it too.

I could see a difference in her almost immediately once she started getting tutored. She had an air of excitement about her, and it was contagious. I felt bad for the other kids in her school class who were not getting the same physics education because it really is the future of our world. If kids only knew where physics could take them, I have a feeling that each one of them would want to be in the same physics tutoring class as my daughter. I hope that more do sign up because they are missing out more than they could realize. My daughter’s renewed interest is proof of that.