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We Bonded over a Manicure


Last Christmas, I wanted to do something that would help bridge the gap that had been growing between my 16 year old daughter and myself. Friends with daughters around the same age were telling me they were going through the same thing, and that it would pass. That was encouraging, but I did not want it to be present in our lives at all. I figured I would need to do something that she would have a hard time saying no to, which is why I decided that we both needed manicure services before the holiday season started.

At first when I approached her, I thought she would say no, since she didn’t like to do much with me then. She preferred to do most everything with her friends. I was surprised when I did not have to twist her arm in the slightest to go and have her nails done with me. I asked her if she wanted just a manicure since we had never done this before, and she practically begged if we could get both manicures as well as pedicures done .There was no way I was going to say no to spending even more time with my daughter.

We were seated next to each other while we were getting our nails done, and it was so much fun for both of us. She told me that she had never thought I would want to do something like this with her, and that began a heart to heart talk that changed everything between us. While we were growing closer, the nail technicians were busy making our toenails and fingernails so pretty with festive ornaments, snowmen, snowflakes and other Christmas objects. Since that first manicure and pedicure, we have been back seven times. It is a special time that is just for the two of us!