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Posts published in February 2020

What does the role of an inventory clerk cover?


regulation in the property rental industry continues to become more stringent,
thorough inventory checks have never been more important. Although it is
possible for landlords to complete their own inventory checks, it is highly
recommended that an independent professional inventory firm is used.


Companies provide their clerks with full property inventory training to ensure
landlords are fully compliant, but what exactly does an inventory clerk do?

Starting out in the role

A new inventory clerk may have some related experience in the field. It is a
job that is often accidentally discovered after working in rentals, as a
landlord or an estate agent and discovering the demand for professional
inventory skills.

It is a surprisingly popular choice of career, with formal property inventory training essential. There are many
different courses available, so research is required to establish those that
are credible and offer value.

Gaining an understanding

Keep warm and save


the winter comes, concerns over rising fuel bills can reduce your festive
spirit. Instead of following people around turning off lights and turning the
heating off while wearing six layers, there are some smart energy saving ideas
to try instead so you can relax in the knowledge that you can feel comfortable
and save some money too.

people do not fully understand how their heating system functions. Read the
manual and take some time to learn what makes your system tick. You can then
use the controls correctly and heat your home in the most cost-effective way.


your thermostat down

by just one degree can save around £ 75 a year and you really will not see much
difference in terms of temperature.

a hot water bottle in bed at night is much cheaper than running an electric
blanket. Under a blanket, your body …