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What does the role of an inventory clerk cover?


As regulation in the property rental industry continues to become more stringent, thorough inventory checks have never been more important. Although it is possible for landlords to complete their own inventory checks, it is highly recommended that an independent professional inventory firm is used.

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Companies provide their clerks with full property inventory training to ensure landlords are fully compliant, but what exactly does an inventory clerk do?

Starting out in the role

A new inventory clerk may have some related experience in the field. It is a job that is often accidentally discovered after working in rentals, as a landlord or an estate agent and discovering the demand for professional inventory skills.

It is a surprisingly popular choice of career, with formal property inventory training essential. There are many different courses available, so research is required to establish those that are credible and offer value.

Gaining an understanding

Before you plunge into an industry qualification, a more in-depth understanding of what the role involves will help you to decide whether it is right for you. There are certain elements of the job that mean it may not be a good fit for everyone; for example, an inventory clerk will typically work from home, receiving instructions via email. Once the appointment has taken place, a report will need to be typed up; once again, this will be completed at home.

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If you prefer the banter of being in the centre of a lively office, this style of working may not be for you; however, it is an option that is on the rise. According to an ONS survey in 2019, 1.54 million people now work from home.

The inspection involves taking a thorough description of all items in the property and their current state of repair. Any damage must be accurately recorded in terms that are easy to understand. You don’t need to be a furniture or antiques expert, and you don’t need any electrical or plumbing expertise. The inspection may be carried out at the start or end of a lease, or as a mid-term check and you will complete a report summarising your findings.

In demand

Unless you have needed the services of an inventory clerk, you may be unaware of the role; however, it offers variety, interest and flexibility, making it a highly sought-after career.