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5 Fast and Effective Car Cleaning Hacks


When your vehicle needs to be cleaned, you can call in a mobile car wash midlothian to wash your car or you can do the work yourself. Many car owners are reluctant to do the work themselves because they are concerned about their level of experience, or lack thereof, to do the job right. 

But have no fear, you can do a terrific job cleaning your own vehicle with these five great cleaning hacks to make your automobile look like you just drove it off the showroom floor, no matter how many miles you might have on it at the moment. 

So, the next time your ride is starting to look neglected, here are the five hacks to make cleaning it a whole lot easier and less time consuming: 

1. Olive Oil

All right, you’re already wondering where this article is going, but stick with me here for a second. Olive oil may not seem like a good tool for cleaning your vehicle, but rub a little of it into the dashboard and then wipe it away and you’ll see a brilliant shine that rivals Armor All (and it can be a whole lot cheaper). A way to save some cash and get your car’s interior looking amazing? That sounds like a pretty good deal to me! 

2. Isopropyl Alcohol

This one might seem a little more normal as a cleanser for your car’s interior. It’s ideal for helping to eliminate those tough surface scuffs and scrapes on the vinyl and plastic components in the car. Splash some on a cloth and rub away until your dash, your console, your seats, even the stick-shift and doors look brand new. It can even work on leather too. 

3. Baking Soda

Baking soda has a multitude of purposes for the goal of cleaning your car, both inside and out. On the inside, mix it with some essential oils and you have a powerful and effective air freshener that can wipe out even the toughest smells and foul aromas. On the outside, mix your baking soda with some vinegar and you have a useful paste for cleaning your wheels, wiping away all kinds of grime and stains. 

4. Foam Brush

A sturdy foam brush is excellent at clearing out dust and dirt particles that can get stuck wedged in between your seats in both the front and back. These are the little details that can make all the difference in keeping your car looking its best. This brush can also be highly effective at clearing out all the dust from your air vents. Use it to loosen all of the particles stuck in there and then get your vacuum cleaner and suck it all up.

5. Toothbrush

Grab a toothbrush to get into those tiny, hard to reach places. The long handle can give you more access to tough, out of the way parts of the interior and the small brush head and soft bristles can be very effective at putting clearing away caked on grime and gunk that can find its way into all kinds of places throughout the interior.