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Posts published in October 2020

An Older Man’s Guide to Choosing the Right Jeans


Jeans are one of those rare pieces of
clothing that span the generations – popular with both older and younger men,
they are comfy, versatile and hardwearing. When you get a bit older it can be
difficult to tell what sort of jeans are right for you as there are such a wide
range of styles and colours out there to choose from. Here are some of the best
picks of the jeans such as these mens superflex jeans
that suit more mature guys…

Avoid fads, such as rips and tears, as well
as zany colours or finishes that come in and out of fashion quickly. What you
want to find is a good quality pair of jeans that will still look great in a
few years’ time.

When it comes to cut, the best shape to go
for is a straight leg. This is the classic and …

Explore the Enchanting Forest of Dean this Winter


Although this winter is looking a little
more bleak than it usually does, one of things that you can do to alleviate
those negative feelings is get out and about with nature.

A walk in the countryside is beneficial, not
only to the body but also to the mind
. If you want to discover a magical
place to walk (a place so magical that both Tolkien and JK Rowling were
inspired by it when they wrote their books) then the Forest of Dean is the
perfect place for you.


Snuggle up warm, get yourselves some aran
sweaters from
and head down to the forest to see the enchanted landscapes and local mysteries
of the ancient woodlands…

The Staunton Longstone has stood in the
forest, near to Coleford since the bronze age and little is known of its
reasons for being placed there. Legend has it, that …

Looking Forward to Your Retirement


Many people spend years looking forward to
retirement only to find that when the time comes close, they may start to feel
a little worried and anxious about retiring and how they will spend their days.

After working for years, retirement can
seem a daunting prospect for many people. But it is something which is an
enjoyable part of life and a welcome break from all those years of work. Here
are a few ways that you can have a happy retirement…


If you are concerned that you will miss
working, why not volunteer at a local charity? Having a sense of purpose is
important, and there are many charities which rely on volunteers – whether you
are helping at a food bank or a charity shop, have a look what is available
in your local area

10 Volunteering ideas for retired people in 2020 - Green Tree Home Care


Now may be a great time to move …