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Posts published in November 2020

How you can help your children revise for exams


Exams might have been the bane of your existence but now that
you have a job and are established in life you’ve probably thought that you
need not worry about them anymore. Sadly this is not the case for you children
and as they reach the age of fourteen, and even before that at ten and eleven,
the spectre of Examinations will come back to haunt you. Yes, you might not be
the one taking them but you’ll feel like it as your kids prepare for them. I’m
pretty sure that you do not want to just sit back and let them face it alone so
the question remains as to what you can do to help them achieve that academic
success that they, and you for them, crave.

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The first thing that you can do is set up a study place for
them that they can really …