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I Am Sort of Working for My Girlfriend


Of course I did not know she really had money when I started dating her, this girl I knew from college set me up with her and we went out for about six months before I started to realize that she seemed to live in a different place every time that I saw her. Then I realized that she was always looking for a good price on air conditioning installation in New York City or haggling with plumbers or electricians or carpenters. Before I knew it she had taught me how to do this and talked my dad and my uncles into going in with her, although it was not very hard. I think that she owns around sixty places, some of them are duplexes and some of them are houses that are large enough to have four apartments in them. She owns a couple of small apartment houses. Apparently she inherited about half of this stuff when she was in middle school.

For awhile I thought she might be a slumlord, but that seems not to be the best business in the world from what she says. You want to have tenants who are economically stable, people who pay their bills on the first of the month just like the action of a well made time piece. You do not want to have to waste your time chasing people around who can not or will not pay their rent. Of course she seems to sell places all of the time and she has diversified into other investments. So far I am mostly just learning the business, but the money my family put into this has obviously been well spent it seems. We have turned over a couple of properties and made good profits off of them. I am just working on the luck that got me here.