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John Branca: Creating a Brand


To be successful in any type of business, effective marketing is essential. If your potential customers are not aware of your product or service, they won’t become part of your clientele, no matter how good your products are. To reach the highest levels of success in today’s competitive world, you might want to consider branding rather than marketing. Here is some information to explain.

How is Branding Different from Marketing?

Branding could be described as taking marketing to the next level. For example, highly successful music attorney John Branca, considered by many to be the best in the business does not merely advertise his services. He has created a brand with his name. This is where the difference lies. Products are goods offered for sale. That could be anything from breakfast cereal to a restaurant. When marketing a product, you are not distinguishing it from all the similar products out there. It’s an oat cereal. There are many oat cereals out there.

When you create a brand, you have more than just a product. You have an entity that is instantly recognizable and different from anything else in its category. It’s not oat cereal, it’s Cheeriostm. See the difference? This is what John Branca does when he makes his name a brand.

Advantages of Branding

When you create a brand, potential customers look for your product specifically rather than just anybody’s generic version of the product. You create a name, logo and identity that rises above all the generic products on the market. This was a big part of how John Branca became synonymous with music law. One of the best examples of branding is how Kimberly Clark corporation sold its tissues. For many years, the word, “Kleenextm” was used in place of the word, “tissue”. The name of a specific brand replaced the generic name. This is marketing at the highest level and is how companies like KC become industry leaders.

Business success relies heavily on a solid marketing campaign. Getting the name of your product and how good it is out there is hugely helpful. But to rise to the top, putting your competition in the rearview mirror, you need to build a brand. A name, a logo, and identity so unique and distinctive, your customers will be blind to all others. Take a look at the example set by John Branca. He has become the music lawyer.