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3 Tips To Choose a Great HVAC Contractor for Your Business


There are numerous demands non your time when you run a business; worrying about HVAC repairs shouldn’t be one of them. These three tips can help you find a reliable contractor, so you have an established working relationship before problems happen. 

1. Check Scheduling Availability

In an ideal world, all of your HVAC needs will happen during normal business hours. However, in reality, if your air conditioning goes down on the weekend, you’ll want it fixed before you get back in on Monday, and, let’s face it, the end of the day on a Friday is not when you want to be searching for Chicago HVAC contractors. So think ahead and find an HVAC company that offers round-the-clock service for emergency calls. 

2. Ask for References

Anyone with industry knowledge can hang out a shingle and start advertising their services. However, a high-quality contractor will be able to provide you with positive comments from past customers and verifiable references. Yes, that means you should do more than read a few online reviews; in many cases, you’ll want to take the time to check out any references provided and ask for direct feedback.  

3. Think Beyond Emergency Repairs

When looking to find the right HVAC company to handle your commercial system, be sure to ask about any inspections and preventative maintenance programs they offer. This can save you a substantial amount of money down the road. After all, while you want a contractor who will be available when you need them ASAP, one who knows how to perform routine maintenance that keeps your system running in the first place is equally valuable.

Be sure that your contractor offers service hours when you need them, check references and look for someone who can help with preventative maintenance plans for the best results.  Following these tips won’t guarantee that you find a great HVAC contractor for your business needs, but they can help you get started in the right direction.