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The Beliefs of Yogiraj Gurunath Siddhant in the wonders of Yoga


Yoga has been present in India from the past 2500 years and is a science that is an amalgamation of various disciplines, related to the body and the mind. It is helpful in bringing about the overall health of an individual when done on a regular basis. Yogiraj Gurunath Siddhant is a Himalayan Master of the Nath lineage who knows the intricate values and benefits of Yoga and Meditation involved in the process.

He claims that through the practice of Yoga in the right way one can attain a state of enlightenment, wherein he can leave behind a life based on false ego and live in the bliss of true understanding of things. He transcends the modern traditions of teaching about life and is a powerful embodiment of ancient Indian spiritual wisdom. He is the Master of Kundalini Kriya Yoga, and has through his efforts tried to plant the seed …