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Small Kitchen Design Basics


The key to a better
might come
with cabinet
putting in just the right type of appliance to fit your space. But these
factors are even more crucial when you’re dealing with a limited amount of space
in which to work. Small kitchens don’t need to feel constricting or limiting,
not when you have the solutions to a better kitchen right here in front of

So, let’s consider the many
different ways you can manage with a small kitchen, by implementing these
simple small kitchen design basics. 

Small Kitchen Cabinets

Your cabinets are going to
take up the majority of your wall space. But that’s the case in most kitchens
that aren’t the size of a postage stamp. For those smaller rooms where, useable
space is at a premium, you want to re-think the way you store your important
items and utensils. 

If you already have …

How to care for your kitchen knives


Most top chefs will tell you that assembling a great set of knives and looking after them is one of the most important parts of the job. These tips will help you care for your knives just like the world’s best chefs!

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Be cautious

This doesn’t just apply to being wary of sharp knives and respecting their power, it also applies to how you treat them. If you are careless and don’t take care of them, then they will not last and will need to be replaced more often: so be careful with your expensive knives.

Practice safe handling

There are several safe ways to handle knives and these should be practised, especially when in a kitchen with others. Never pass a knife blade first or walk around with it pointing upwards, and never leave it hidden under a cloth or towel, or under food. Leaving a knife …