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5 Smart and Helpful Tips for Hiring A Handyman


Sometimes you need a handyman to do some work around your house. But when it comes time to find a handyman to perform the job that needs to be completed, it can be tough to know where to look and how to determine if the one you’re about to hire is the best one for you. 

One call to Handyman Matters and you know the handyman that you are hiring has all of the skills necessary to do the work to your exact standards. Many homeowners will confuse a handyman with a contractor and while that can be an easy mistake to make, the most basic difference between the two is that a handyman is not licensed in the way a contractor would be. So, there are some tasks that a handyman cannot perform for you. 

Any handyman you hire from Handyman Matters has been thoroughly vetted and we are confident you will be highly satisfied with the results. But whether you hire someone on your own or go with one of our skilled and trained workers, here are five smart and helpful tips to keep in mind: 

1. Start with A Quote

You want to know, up front, what this job is going to cost and any good, reliable handyman will give you a free quote for the work you need performed. Any handyman or handyman hiring service that charges the customer for a quote is more interested in swindling you out of your hard-earned money than doing the work. 

2. Certificates

While a handyman is not required to hold any specific accreditation to perform work, you can probably feel a little more assured if the person you hire has been recognized by the Association of Certified Handyman Professionals (AHCP). This means your handyman has the skills and knowledge to perform the job you are hiring them to complete. 

3. Ask About A Valid Insurance Policy

If your handyman is not properly insured, then you could be looking at serious costs out of pocket to fix any problems that might arise due to the handyman’s negligence or mistake. An accident on the job, an injury to you or any members of your family, damage caused by the handyman, all of these things should be covered by a valid insurance certificate. Always confirm that your handyman is properly covered in the event something goes wrong. 

4. Sign the Contract

No matter what kind of job you need performed or the size and scope of that work, you must always get something in writing that outlines the job that you are hiring him or her to complete. Having this document legally obligates you and the other party to perform as expected. If the handyman takes off without finishing the job, you have a legally binding agreement to protect you. 

5. Good Communication

Make sure your handyman is able to explain everything that he or she plans to do in the completion of your job. Having that open communication between you and the handyman ensures that no mistakes are made and everyone knows what is expected of them throughout the process.