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How you can help your children revise for exams


Exams might have been the bane of your existence but now that you have a job and are established in life you’ve probably thought that you need not worry about them anymore. Sadly this is not the case for you children and as they reach the age of fourteen, and even before that at ten and eleven, the spectre of Examinations will come back to haunt you. Yes, you might not be the one taking them but you’ll feel like it as your kids prepare for them. I’m pretty sure that you do not want to just sit back and let them face it alone so the question remains as to what you can do to help them achieve that academic success that they, and you for them, crave.

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The first thing that you can do is set up a study place for them that they can really use as a learning sanctuary. This will involve devoting an area of the living room, their bedroom or even your own office, if you have one, to the purpose of study and homework. Don’t just buy them any old table. You need to invest in them so getting some equipment for a decent work area from someone like Next day delivery office desks  is a very good idea. Bestbuyofficechairs are the best point of contact so that you can see what they have in the range. They can provide all shapes and sizes to fit with what space you have available.

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So, you’ve got them a work space, you’ve made sure it isn’t cluttered and that there are some plants and pictures of inspirational figures from History up on the wall. Maybe there is a nice map of the world, or at least the British Isles, with all its major cities and roadways.  A good few timelines with lots of important historical events like when the Battle of Agincourt was or when the start of the Reformation happened or something that like that wouldn’t go amiss either.

The real help you can provide is to be with them, sit with them and try and help them through it. Draw them up a revision plan and then go through the subjects with them. Find out what they want to focus on. If you get stuck then just remember unlike when we were kids and had to wait for an encyclopedia for Christmas the internet holds all the answers, or at least one version of them (be careful with that, Wikipedia is known to be wrong!). Also don’t be afraid to get in touch with the teacher. Don’t wait till the term time parent evening. See where they are and what you can do. Together you’ll get through it and hopefully they will do very well.