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Signs a Senior is Dealing With Anxiety


There is no doubt this year has been tough for most people, unlike anything we’ve experienced. On top of the uncertainty that comes with a pandemic, not being able to see most of our friends and family, this extraordinary situation creates anxiety in most people.  The seniors in our population are no exception, they may not be able to recognize that it is anxiety. Most of us have a relative or friend in our circle that’s a senior so let’s look at some common signs they may be experiencing anxiety.

You might notice a senior withdrawing from activities they usually enjoy, or they might suddenly be unwilling to try new things that they would have jumped at before. It could be a slight withdrawal of their everyday activities or a reluctance to leave their home at all. When you notice a senior in your life displaying these behaviors you might want to check in and see what’s going on.

Eating habits are another indication they might be experiencing anxiety, either over- eating or picking at their food. Anxiety can cause people to stress eat or create feelings of nausea and don’t feel much like eating. Even if you don’t live with your loved one you may notice they’re gaining or losing weight.

Something else to look for is a loss of interest in their appearance, they may not put much effort into how they look. Picking out an outfit or doing their hair can feel overwhelming to a person suffering from anxiety.

You may have a senior, a loved one in your family who is usually the life of the party. While each of us can experience an off day, you may have noticed your once chatty and positive loved one suddenly seems nervous, fidgety or disengaged. If it happens just once in a while there’s no cause for alarm , if you see this more frequently it is a red flag that they’re feeling anxious.

Do they seem more tired than usual, not getting enough quality sleep this is another sign that they’re suffering from anxiety. Asking them how long this has been an issue and so you can determine if it’s anxiety that’s disrupting their sleep.

When you see any of these signs in a loved one, especially a senior who may not recognize the signs of anxiety there is support for them.

At Trillium Communities we are aware of what to watch for if our residents are experiencing anxiety especially during the current pandemic. Contact us if you are looking for a private care home in Victoria BC.