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What Can You Expect With a Root Canal


A root canal is a dental procedure not everyone will experience and for this reason it can result in feeling anxiety or leave a person feeling fearful. The days of painful root canals are long over and a patient might want to discuss the procedure and what to expect with their dentist or orthodontist.

The truth is having pain from your tooth is something that should not be ignored. It’s much better for you to find out what’s causing the pain in your tooth. Should your dentist determine a root canal is needed he/ she will refer you to a Vancouver endodontist – a root canal specialist. Modern dental techniques along with advances in instrument technology have virtually eliminated or minimized any discomfort from the procedure.

A root canal is a procedure that can treat an infected tooth that can’t be saved with a normal filling. In order for your tooth to be saved the endodontist will first numb the area, remove any infected tooth pulp, then fill the entire pulp cavity then seal the tooth. This prevents the possible spread of infection to other teeth or deeper into the nerves. Patients often report immediate relief from tooth pain once the procedure is completed.

The treatment can be virtually pain free and usually only require 1 or 2 visits to complete the root canal. It’s a good idea to discuss what is involved in the treatment with your dentist beforehand to greatly reduce any fears or anxiety. Below are a few suggestions you may like to talk about with your dentist before the procedure.

  • Having a clear picture of what to expect, armed with the knowledge will help you feel less anxious. See if there are any medications such as antibiotics required either before or as part of aftercare.
  • Try to be feeling your best the day of the procedure, getting a good night’s and being in good health will help the healing process.
  • Don’t smoke or drink for at least 12 hours before the treatment is scheduled this will help the healing process, smoking in particular slows healing.
  • Relax, easier said than done but being informed and doing your part by being as healthy as possible will speed your recovery.

If you’re experiencing a painful tooth it’s advisable not to delay seeking treatment it could mean saving your tooth with a root canal. Contact Kitsilano Endodontics in Vancouver BC and schedule an appointment today.