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Escape Hour Offers the Most Amazing Quest Rooms in Edmonton and Calgary


If you are finding the most exclusive experience in the field of entertainment in Edmonton or Calgary then Escape Hour can offer you the most impressive games. You can uninterruptedly play games for a full hour at both of these locations as each of them has 4 escape rooms in Edmonton. A staff member of Escape Hour known as Game Master will monitor and customize your experience to customize your experience as per the liking of your group. Today you can find 4-5 types of games at each location including quest room and locker room games and more games are being developed so that you can play very soon.

For 2 to 10 and even up to 16 players, Escape Hour in Edmonton or Calgary offers an amazing gaming experience based on the type of game they choose. Various types of twists and turns, thrills, and other awful elements have been included in each of these games to puzzle even if you have the most investigative mind and keep you active

Escape Hour includes various types of customized escape rooms for games like quest rooms and locker rooms according to the gaming needs of your group.

By adding a Tron themed battle, and VR experience with a completely immersive team at both locations, they are planning to expand their Escape Hour. At Calgary, you can also find some exclusive games of Edmonton including “Matrix Theme” and “Bank Heist” etc. The sets of props and pieces that are used to verify experience at all the escape rooms to immerse you completely in its gaming environment have made Escape Hour a versatile platform.

Several games that are suitable for children over 9 years of age and adults may include the Bank Heist and the Lost Jewel of Zanzibar etc. The other games available on both locations can be played by children of more than 13-15 years. Your experience to provide different options of difficulty can be modified by your Game Master so that you can play with younger players with easier settings or play with experienced players with a more challenging set of rules. Before beginning the game you can easily talk to your Game Master, a friendly employee of Escape Hour, to discuss the options to get the experience of your choice.

So, Escape Hour is the best location in Edmonton and Calgary for you to escape from the reality even if you are a teen, kid, or have a child-like heart. You can contact Escape Hour if you are searching for an extremely impressive quest room, escape room, and locker room.