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Six of this year’s hottest web design trends


year brought unexpected global changes, and not surprisingly, this has had a
profound effect on web design. Here’s a look at six of the biggest web design
trends to watch out for in the coming months.


1. Customisable user interfaces

According to an article published in Smashing Magazine, websites are going to go
that extra mile to offer personalised browsing experiences. Site visitors can
expect to see web pages adapting to their personal tastes in layout, products
and even fonts and lighting, making for truly unique experiences.


2. Attractively presented data

Charts, graphs and infographics are going to become increasingly common as a
way of conveying important information quickly and efficiently. When used
carefully, they allow you to present complex data in an easy-to-assimilate
manner, helping web visitors feel better informed. The events of 2020 have made
us all much more accustomed to …

Small Kitchen Design Basics


The key to a better
might come
with cabinet
putting in just the right type of appliance to fit your space. But these
factors are even more crucial when you’re dealing with a limited amount of space
in which to work. Small kitchens don’t need to feel constricting or limiting,
not when you have the solutions to a better kitchen right here in front of

So, let’s consider the many
different ways you can manage with a small kitchen, by implementing these
simple small kitchen design basics. 

Small Kitchen Cabinets

Your cabinets are going to
take up the majority of your wall space. But that’s the case in most kitchens
that aren’t the size of a postage stamp. For those smaller rooms where, useable
space is at a premium, you want to re-think the way you store your important
items and utensils. 

If you already have …