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Signs a Senior is Dealing With Anxiety


There is no doubt this year has been tough for
most people, unlike anything we’ve experienced. On top of the uncertainty that
comes with a pandemic, not being able to see most of our friends and family,
this extraordinary situation creates anxiety in most people.  The seniors in our population are no
exception, they may not be able to recognize that it is anxiety. Most of us
have a relative or friend in our circle that’s a senior so let’s look at some
common signs they may be experiencing anxiety.

You might notice a senior withdrawing from
activities they usually enjoy, or they might suddenly be unwilling to try new
things that they would have jumped at before. It could be a slight withdrawal
of their everyday activities or a reluctance to leave their home at all. When
you notice a senior in your life displaying these behaviors you might …

How to Care for A Stubborn Senior in Your Home


Seniors who want to grow
old at home
refuse simple assistance or living conditions that are unacceptable despite
being designed to provide them compassionate
home care in Austin
So how do you handle the problem posed by a stubborn senior who is living in
your home but does not want to listen to advice or instructions that are
intended to promote their well-being? 

It’s an obstacle that comes
more often than you might imagine and navigating through this tough time
requires some patience, understanding, and acceptance (with just a little
negotiation and maybe some easy persuasion): 

Understand the Issue and Accepting It Anyway

The bottom line is this, they
are your parents and they have the right to make their own choices. Good or
bad. Don’t beat yourself up over their insistence and refusal to do what it is
you want them to do or to accept in …